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SqlBackup and replication block by block

achauvetachauvet Posts: 9
edited October 16, 2007 5:42AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Dear Support,

I have a question.
We want install SQL Backup on a server. This server is a replication of a other one (for SQL Server). We make this replication block by block (DoubleTake software)
SQLBackup can it run normally ?
Or a other one licence it's needed ?

sqlbackup change it Master database or an another database ?




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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    I don't have any experience with DoubleTake, but perhaps an explanation of how SQL Backup works may help.

    SQL Backup essentially instructs SQL Server to back up to a virtual device, instead of a disk or tape. When data is written to the virtual device, SQL Backup compresses and/or encrypts the data, before writing it out to disk. Thus, if you can back up the databases on your replication server using regular SQL Server BACKUP commands, you ought to be able to use SQL Backup.

    As for data changes, SQL Server will write information re the backup to some tables in the msdb databases, while SQL Backup will edit some rows in the msdb..backupmediafamily table.
    Peter Yeoh
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    We have had one user that I know of who has used SQL Backup with doubletake. It seems to work except the backup/restore history is inaccurate because of the way that DoubleTake replicates system databases like MSDB.
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