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Bug -- ALTER TABLE Adds are processed before DROPs

arschleharschleh Posts: 2
edited October 11, 2007 7:07AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
We have tables that reach the 1024 column limit.

When trying to run a synch to make column changes to these tables. The ALTER TABLE ADDs are processed before the ALTER TABLE DROPs.

This results in a 1024 column limit being exceeded.

We must manually go into the script file and move the DROPs before the ADDs.


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    Thanks for your bug report - I've put it in our bug database and hopefully we'll be able to fix it when we next do a bugfix release (unfortunately it's too late for 6.2). I think that the workaround that you've found is the best that can be done to work around this issue for the time being.
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