SQL Data Compare 5 hangs

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i've set up a job in sqlserver which calls sqldatacompare with an argfile or project file.
Now the problem is, that the job hangs on this step - if i take a look into servers process list i can find the sqldatacompare.exe but it is not working (no cpu time/previously no memory)...
after 10 or 15 minutes stopping the job manually - process still there

if i do the same thing directly on command line - everything seems working correctly!!! strange thing is, this solution worked for one week - no problems (only problem it became slower and slower)

now why is there a problem if i do it from sql server - it's the same - just a cmd-line call of sqldatacompare

had a few problems with that over the weekend and now the whole day of sherlock holmes work but no success!!!!! :(


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    I am not sure why you are getting this problem.

    This may be related to a permissions problem as the job is being run by the sql server agent service login, and it may not have sufficient permissions.

    To check this can you put the command line options in a batch file, and pipe the results to a text file. Then change your job to point to the batch file.
    Run this and see what appears in the text file output.

    Alternatively you could run the job as a windows scheduled task, and choose which user the job runs as.
    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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