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How can I exclude the xml schema colletion of the begin of comparation between two db in Sql Server 2005?

My problem is I have so many xml schema colletion (more that 10000) and is very slow

Thank for any help

Cristián Carrasco


  • I use SQL Compare 5

    Thank again
  • SQL Compare has to read/compare the whole database before letting you select objects - this lets it check dependancies between objects in a more reliable fashion.

    If you want to exclude XML Schema Collections from synchronization / your view of the comparison results, press the Filter Objects button and uncheck the XML Schema Collections box.

    We've had a couple of requests for excluding certain objects / object types before comparison, but it would take a major overhaul of the engine and using the feature would make dependancy finding (and hence ordering of objects in synchronization scripts) less reliable (i.e. sync scripts would fail and have to roll back more often). If you'd like me to put your name down as another requester for this feature, we'll give it further consideration for the next release.
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  • Thank for your answer
    I understand your point, but considering not synchronize objects that have dependences (through checking the object), equally could be fail too.

    My point is that at this time I cannot synchronize other objects, because the process of comparacin does not finish.
  • I've added this forum thread to the list of user requests for the ability to filter out specific object types before comparing databases. Sorry that I couldn't be of more assistance.
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