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Can you please tell me the basic dll's required for command line use only? we have an application that calls the sqlcompare cmd line, and we want to distribute the dll's within our application, but we would like to move only those needed. Each client does have their own license. We just provide the compare dll's so we know exactly where to call them from.

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    The answer is in the SQL Compare help file, under the topic 'Integrating the command line with applications'.
    • SQLCompare.exe
    • RedGate.CommandLine.Common.dll
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.Distribution.dll*
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.Distribution.mod*
    • RedGate.SQL.Shared.dll
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.dll
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.CommandLine.dll
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.ASTParser.dll
    • RedGate.SQLCompare.Rewriter.dll
    • SQLCompare.exe.config
    The files marked with an asterisk (*) are created after the command-line version of SQL Compare had been activated on the computer.
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