Error syncronizating columns with less length than before

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I have changed the length of a column from varchar(50) to varchar(30), when I try to sync the database, an error is fired about truncated data. I want that data will be truncate, so how can I do it?



  • Is it an error or is it just a warning?

    We provide a range of warnings, including one about possible truncation of data, to tell people about things that they might not have realised they were about to do to their database. If you know that you want to truncate the data, then you can just continue through the wizard and synchronize, ignoring the warning.
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  • Yes, it shows as a warning with a red error icon, I continue with sync, but sync fails; I can't ignore the warning.

  • Could you post (or send me at [email protected]) the error message that SQL Compare gives you when the synchronization fails?
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  • Thank you for your email. Yes, I think that it will be a good idea that I could to select the warnings that I want to ignore, then the syncronization ignores them.

    Thank you again, Juan.
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