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We are currently evaluating SQL Compare for our database update process.

I have two question about the Export Data Source to Script Folder function:

- Is it possible to export objects like stored procedures without their permissions. I don't find a option to remove the permissions.
- Is it possible to export objects including a drop statement at the head of each file.


if exists (select * from dbo.sysobjects where id = object_id(N'[dbo].[sp_xyz]') and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N'IsProcedure') = 1)
drop procedure [dbo].[sp_xyz]

By the way, the appliction looks very helpfull for us. But I'm missing the previoius two options.



  • 1) If you Export Data Source, then it will write out everything that was in the database, including Permissions. However, if you synchronize the database to an empty script folder, with the Ignore Permissions option on, then you'll get copies of the objects without their permissions.

    2) It's not currently possible to do this. What kind of things do you envision doing with the objects with drop statements attached? You can probably do most of them by synchronizing the individual objects to the target database using SQL Compare.
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