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Ignore items on comparing

LorenzLorenz Posts: 2
edited September 27, 2007 5:04AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Still working with version 5 haven't looked at version 6.

Is it possible (or wouldn't it be nice if it isn't already possible) to be able to select items that you want to ignore in the comparison.

For instance I have two databases on different servers. On one of them an extra module is loaded which isn't needed on the other. Therefore the tables, views, procedures etc of that module appear everytime in the differences overview. That's annoying. Therefore I would like to be able to mark these items as 'Ignore' or 'Neglect'. So the next time they won't be presented as being different.

To keep these items in mind it would be good to have the items marked as 'Ignore' in a seperate view like the items being the same on both sides. Just list the items in an 'Ignore' view.


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    It's not currently possible to exclude objects from comparison in the UI - I've noted this feature request and we'll look into it the next time we're picking new features for Compare.

    If you use the Command Line, you can exclude objects with the /exclude switch, by regexp, object type or both.
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