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email not working

When I configure the email address/password in the SQL Backup 5.1 software Options page, click on the Apply button and then click on the "Send Test Email" button. The email sends correctly. However, when I include the MAILTO directive in an extended stored procedure call via Query Analyzer, the backup completes successfully but I receive a warning code of 151:

Warning 151: MAILTO error: Failed to send mail. (5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful. )


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    I was able to get the email working by copying the password from the registry on another server into the registry on the server that was not working properly. It appears that the first character of the password was incorrectly encrypted.
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    There is an issue in 5.1 where sometimes the SMTP password field is incorrectly encoded. See
    http://www.red-gate.com/messageboard/vi ... php?t=4942

    This is fixed in the next version which will be released very soon, however if you send me a private message with details of your email address, I can send you a small application to solve this issue in the meantime.

    Helen Joyce
    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    I originally had this issue with SQL Backup v5.0 so I upgraded to 5.1 to see if it fixed the problem; after that did not fix the problem I searched the forums to see if anyone else was having the problem and found one of the posts about where to look in the registry.

    Once I found the registry keys I was able to open them on the server that was not working and a server that was working and noticed that the encrypted/encoded passwords were different even though I knew they were both correct. That's when I decided to copy the registry key value from the working server and paste it into the registry on the server that was not working which resolved the issue.
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    I just installed SQL Backup 5.2 and then upgraded the server side components and the email password issue is now fixed.

    Thanks Red-Gate for fixing this so quickly.
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