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Is there a best practice or recommended strategy for using the Toolkit to create a command line data compare exe in a situation where the compare rules may differ?

For example, as data is consolidated from a lower level database up to the enterprise database (which may include intermediate rollup databases) the rules of comparison change. Different columns are added at each level and different fields need to be excluded.

I'm trying to decide if I need multiple data compare exes or if it is possible/recommended to have one exe that can read an input (possibly a file or database) which details the comparison rules for that run.



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    Sure, why not set up separate projects for each comparison and then conditionally load the projects from disk?
  • That's fine, so then you're advocating separate code bases (exe) for each variation of the compare. That was the path I was going down, but I wondered if I was missing out on a way to have a single exe that could be driven by some form of a control file.
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    No, really I was thinking about having one .exe that can conditionally load project files. You would set up the project files using the UI version of the software and save them to disk, then your application could load the comparison settings from the projects and run through a different project's settings depending on the day of the week, or whatever variable you use to determine which project is going to be run.
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