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does it work with sql 2000 environment?

probertsonprobertson Posts: 2
edited September 25, 2007 1:02PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
My environment is mostly sql 2000 boxes. Will this product work. I know the features say 2005. But if it works in Visual Studio 2005 to a sql 2005 will it work connecting to sql 2000? Has anyone tried this?




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    Hi Perry. SQL Prompt connects to SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2005 express.

    As for editors, it works with Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Management Studio Express and Visual Studio 2005.

    Visual Studio 2005 can be used to connect to SQL 2005, SQL 2005 Express and SQL 2000 databases. SQL Prompt will work with VS2005 in all these scenarios

    I hope this clears up your queries.
    Jason Crease
    Red Gate Software
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