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No Join Expression

MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
edited October 12, 2007 11:26AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I'm using the 3.6 release of SQL Prompt and in some cases I'm not getting a join suggestion when I think I should be.

Here is an example:

select distinct tx_id
into [TX_IDs WITH Problems 9-24-07]
from edic_charges where balance<0

<refresh cache to pickup new table>

FROM edic_charges c
LEFT JOIN [TX_IDs WITH Problems 9-24-07] t
on <cursor>

At that point it starts suggesting table aliases and field names, but no join suggestions even though both of them have TX_ID as a field. Maybe it has to do with the one table only having one field or something?

Also, if I manually type the join, so I type "c." and pick TX_ID, and then type "= t." it suggests TX_ID, but if I type another t, so it is now "t.t", it suddenly has no suggestions. (Same happens in the WHERE clause.)


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    Sorry for the slow response to this post.

    You should be able to include join candidates based on column name by enabling the option: Options > Listed Candidates > Join Conditions > Column Names.

    Also, by default SQL Prompt has case sensitive filtering of objects enabled. This is why t.t didn't suggest t.T*. You can change this option in:
    Options > Listed Candidates > Candidate Types and Filters > Enable case-sensitive filtering of candidates.

    I hope this does what you need.
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    MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
    I already have both options set how you specify. The Column Name joining turned on, and the case-sensitive filtering turned off, and it still isn't suggesting a join.
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