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After the v5.2 Server and User interface installation, I have a license registration problem. I get this error on registration via User-client, on my server. I am logged onto the server and I can access sites outside of my company (Microsoft, RedGate, etc.) with IE, but when I attempt the REGISTRATION via WEB on User-client, I get below error. Anyone have any suggestions?

Activate License - Failed
Process Activation Request - Failed
The request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required.


  • If for any reason you cannot activate over the internet, the simplest solution is to use the "activate the license by email" option in the user interface.

    This option will display a chunk of text which you will need to copy and paste into an email, and send to [email protected] . You should recieve a response in 5-10 minutes which can be used to activate the license.

    If you have any issues with this activation, you can contact our support team at [email protected] who will be able to help with the activation process.

    Hope that helps,
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