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Multiple selections from suggestions on join?

MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
edited September 24, 2007 12:39PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
It would be nice if you could select multiple suggestions to be inserted when building a join. This could done by either holding shift and pressing the down arrow, or by holding ctrl and clicking on the suggestions.

Given code:

FROM edic_charges c
INNER JOIN edic_charges d
ON <cursor>

At that point the suggestion box comes up with all of the fields in c being linked to all of the fields in d. I would like to just quickly select the first three and have them inserted. (Right now I just have to pick the first, type and, select the second, type and, select the third, etc...) Certainly nothing earth shattering, but it would be nice. It would even be nice when building the list of fields for a SELECT statement, ctrl click all of the fields you want and have it insert them each on a line with a comma at the end of all but the last one.


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    FYI, your second comment about selecting specific columns can already be done

    if you type

    SELECT FROM SomeTable

    then go back and position your cursor between the SELECT and FROM and press Ctrl-Space, the candidate list pops up. Change backwards one tab (with Ctrl-Left arrow) and you have the "column picker" tab, which shows the table's columns with checkboxes beside them, allowing you to select multiple columns at once. It then places those columns in the select list separated by commas (except the last one obviously) and also seems to obey your formatting options (in my case, each field is on a new line and tabbed/indented in).

    Another similar option is when you do SELECT * FROM SomeTable, go back and position the cursor at the *, and press TAB to insert all columns from the table into the select clause

    Adding similar checkbox functionality to the join conditions would be great... show each join condition with a checkbox, allowing us to select multiple join conditions to all be added (default AND logic would be suitable) in the one action
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    Thank you for the feedback. With regards to the checkbox functionality for join conditions, this does sound like a good idea. I'll submit it as a feature request and hopefully the developers will consider implementing this in a future version.
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