Clone problems

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1. I created a compare project
2. I selected about half the tables in my database.
3. On each of these tables, I selected certain columns to compare.
4. I cloned the project.
5. I changed the server target. The schemas are identical in the different environments.
6. My table and column selections are not saved! It's a huge amount of work to re-do this.
7. I tried editing the project files using an XML editor. I changed ONLY the server target, leaving intact the table and column selections.
8. The Compare tool STILL ignored the table and column selections and chose ALL tables and columns!
9. What makes the tool re-selet all the tables and columns? How can I disable this behavior?


  • Sadly in version 5 you can't change the behaviour. In version 6 we've fixed this issue so even if there is some very slight schema change which will cause some of the settings in your project file to be ignored we will apply all the settings we can.

    We'll be bringing out a release candidate very soon now. We've just gone to code freeze internally so now it's got to be run through our checklist.

    The reason the settings are being lost is that one or more of the 'actions' stored in your projects file is failing causing all 'actions' to be rolled back. This might be as simple as a differently named index if you say the schemas are identical (perhaps check them with SQL Compare turned on to full sensitivity for index names etc)?

    We've known about the issue being one the major bug bears in v5 hence the concentration on getting it right in v6.

    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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