Bug? - Synch Script Creation with Circular References

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We have a database with 3300 objects. These objects are stored as Red-Gate script files. We have a circular reference in our schema where view 'A' is dependent on UDF 'B' and UDF 'B' is dependent on view 'A'.

When I create a blank database and do a compare where the source is the script files and the target is the database, the synch script file that SQL Compare creates always attempts to create the view before the UDF. Of course SQL Server 2005 doesn't like that. However, SQL Server will permit the UDF to be created before the view. Why isn't SQL Compare smart enough to know to create the UDF first and then the view?

Thanks - Randy


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    SQL Compare currently doesn't handle circular dependancies as a special case - it just attempts to handle them as if they were regular dependancy chains, which obviously fails from time to time.

    I've added this forum topic to the bug report about this behaviour, but it's quite difficult to fix this without breaking other aspects of the dependancy tracking code - I suspect this problem won't get fixed for a while.
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