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Two new Feature Requests

bcpreecebcpreece Posts: 47
edited September 14, 2007 11:45AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I have 2 feature requests for compare.

1) Have an option to Ignore Users and Roles. Normally we compare a script location to the production DB to determine what is ready for the next install. We do not put roles and users in the script repository so they always show up as missing.

2) Have a option to ignore the CREATE/ALTER keyword. When we compare code from the script repository we find that some difference is just that the developer saved the script with an ALTER but SQL Compare on the DB side is always a CREATE. If we could ignore that keyword then these scripts would show as identical.

Please let me know if these are possible. I would love to see them in Compare 6.2.


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    You can ignore entire object types by using the Filter Objects pane - just uncheck Users and Roles from that pane. This will stop them showing up and automatically deselect them so that you won't be dropping your live database's users and roles.

    If you need to synchronize to scripts, and you refer to your users and roles in object permissions, then they may show up in the dependancies list despite being filtered, though. Ignoring them to the extent that they no longer show up as dependancies is more challenging to implement - you're probably better off with a workaround (set up the folder synchronization options to dump users and roles in a folder you don't care about / can delete afterwards when you're synchronizing to the script database).

    We considered support for scripts with ALTER instead of CREATE, but it didn't make the cut (we spent more time on non-standard ways of phrasing a CREATE statement instead) and as you're the first customer to mention needing it, it's unlikely to go into 6.2 (which is really just meant to be a patch for checkin/checkout style source control, although it will have a couple of minor bug fixes we couldn't resist putting in). I've noted that we have some demand for the feature now, so if it starts coming up more (or turns out to be really easy to do) we might get it in a future release.
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