Question regarding how tables are analyzed in cmd mode

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I have a question regarding how tables are analyzed for comparison while running from the command line.

I have a long list of tables to <include>. There are about 12 tables I do not want to process. Right now, I simple do not have these tables in the argfile.

Is there any speed performance or difference in processing logic if I had these tables specifically listed with <exclude> rather than not having them in the file?



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    I'm sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you. A shorter command line might give you a little performance advantage, but otherwise I'd expect the job of 'registering' the databases (reading the schema information) will be exactly the same whether you specifically exclude a number of tables or if you explicitly list them all on the command line. Then, of course, actually comparing the data in the tables would work exactly the same either way.

    I don't see changing the command-line in this way making a noticeable difference.
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