Datatype change crashes sync

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We changed a datatype on a primary key in the live database and now SQL Compare is unable to synchronize with our development copy.

The original datatype was varchar(15) and now it is char(8).

Any ideas?



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    When you say 'unable to synchronize', what was the actual error?

    (I'm also a little unclear on which direction you're trying to synchronize in - are you trying to synchronize the live database to a development copy or a development copy to the live database, and what format is the development copy in?)

    I tried a couple of simple examples to see if I could reproduce the problem (synchronizing a table with just one column with the datatypes you describe and primary key set as that column, in both directions, trying live and script data sources on both sides) but SQL Compare worked fine in all these cases.
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    Unfortunately I can't copy from the dialog box or paste images into this post so I can't be sure exactly what the message said.

    I was copying live to dev. Since then, I deleted all tables in dev that used the column mentioned and then it synced correctly. I used Data Compare to get the data back in sync.
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