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Feature request

netblazernetblazer Posts: 6
edited September 10, 2007 7:34PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
Hi, I'd like an option to export the report to a single file. I need a printed copy and right now it would take me hours to click on all imaginable links to print all the pages.

Thanks in advance.


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    Thanks for your post.

    There are two ways in which you can print your full SQL Doc documentation without needing to print every page individually.

    The first method is to generate the documentation as a compiled HTML help file (CHM). You can then open this file and print using the print option 'Print the selected heading and all subtopics'.

    If you want to use this method you need to make sure that you have the Microsoft® HTML Help Workshop installed on your computer. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft download centre.

    The other method is to generate the documentation as HTML, then to expand the objects and print using the IE print option of 'all frames individually' (File > Print > Options > All Frames Individually).

    I hope this helpful. Let me know if you need any more information.
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