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Is it possible to restore from files on a network share?

sshannysshanny Posts: 18 Bronze 2
edited September 10, 2007 1:40PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
We have a 7.8 TB warehouse that we back up once a week. At maximum compression it creates a 1.51 TB backup set. We currently store this on direct attached drives but would like to write it directly to our DEV machines disks.

My question is if we only write the backup files to the dev machines disks will I be able to restore the warehouse using the backup files on the DEV machine over the network or do I have to physically copy the files to the warehouse machine before starting a restore?

I don't seem to be able to look at files on networked drives when using the gui which is why I am asking.




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    Yes you should be able to do this.

    * In step 1 of the restore wizard, select "Browse for backup files to restore"
    * Select "Add Files..."
    * In "Browse", click "Network Shares"
    * Add the phsyical server name to the list (rather than the SQL Server instance name, which is a bit confusing)

    Assuming the SQL Backup Agent has permissions to access the location, it should be able to access the locations on the networked machine.

    One thing to be aware of is that performance over the network will be pretty bad compared to a local restore, so while it is technically possible to do it directly over the network, performance wise it makes sense to copy it and do the restore locally if you can.

    Hope that helps,
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