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Hi ,

We used SQL compare 5 without any problems. We recently updated till version

And now when we are checking our database we get the message

-- Text was encrypted

On Stored procedures and Triggers.

I checked the settings and the option Add with Encryption is not checked.
We never had this problem in version 5.

The database we are using MS SQLserver 2005

Hope you have any suggestions how to solve it. Thanks in advance


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    SQL Compare 5 shouldn't be able to read any more objects than SQL Compare 6 does. Neither tool can read encrypted objects on SQL Server 2005 (they improved the security on encrypted objects for SQL Server 2005 so we can't use the trick we were using to get at them on 2000). Both can read encrypted objects on SQL Server 2000.

    If you can give me a little more information, perhaps I can work out what's going on:

    Do you expect the objects to be encrypted?

    Are the objects showing up as encrypted in Management Studio? (Encrypted stored procedures have a little padlock on their icon in the object browser.)

    Can SQL Compare 5 still read the objects in question? (SQL Compare 5 can be installed side-by-side with SQL Compare 6 without any problems.)
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    my bad, i used a different user for comparing. That did not have sufficient privileges. Changing the user solved the problem.

    Thanks for the response though.

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