how can i go back to an earlier backup

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here is the problem
i had a huge crash (50 000 record lost) 2 weeks ago
last week i manage to get the records back but my clients want to know why it crashed
however an other backup was made between
so sql log rescue only sees up until the last backup and not before

is there a way to go back to before the current backup??


  • i alreaddy tried to restore my database with the old backup and run sql log rescue
    but it seems that when a database is restored the transaction log gets cleared
    so i need to be able to access the old transaction log
  • Hi,

    Do you have transaction log backups as well, or just full backups? If you do, you might want to try only specifying the earlier full backup and all the transaction log backups rather than giving SLR the latest full backup.

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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