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Encryption missing in Lite version? What happend to the 4.x?

jreynoldsjreynolds Posts: 31
edited August 21, 2007 2:18PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I see (trying to upgrade to 5.x) that encryption is missing out of the Lite version, which is apparently our upgrade path from 4.x "Standard".

It almost seems as if our standard upgrade path got downgraded.

Can someone confirm if encryption is missing now, except for the "pro" version?


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    Hi jreynolds,
    If you could drop me an email with the following information, I can investigate the issue further for you:

    * The approximate date you purchased SQL Backup 4.x Standard
    * The license key you are using to activate 5.x

    I've just tested this myself with a 4.x Standard license, and it appears to offer me 5.x Standard (even though this is no longer on sale directly)... so if you can forward me the above information (either via PM, or to jason.cook@red-gate.com) I'll look into the issue for you.

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    Indeed after entering in the serial it does state Standard.
    However, there is no mention of the Std product at *all* anymore, so I was afraid I was being moved to the lite version without understanding why.
    It would be really helpful on the upgrade page to let us know that the Std version isn't shown, but is part of the upgrade.
    If I missed that somewhere, my apologies.

    Thanks much,

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