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Command line backup fails

DinuDinu Posts: 6
edited August 18, 2007 3:37AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I ran the following command:

C:\"Program Files"\"Red Gate"\"SQL Backup"\sqlservere\SQLBackupC
-SQL "BACKUP DATABASE IRISmaster_new TO DISK = 'e:\temp\IRISmaster.sqb' WITH PASSWORD = <admin password>"

where sqlservere is the name of the SQL Server instance.

and I got the following error message
Red Gate SQL Backup, (c) Red Gate Software Ltd 2004 - 2007
Serial number: 010-002-056056-8B87

Backing up IRISmaster_new (full database) to:

SQL error -2147467259: Login timeout expired
SQL error -2147467259: Login timeout expired
SQL error 2: Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [2].
Server : S15209799
Windows authentication
Failed to connect to SQL Server instance: S15209799
SQL Backup exit code: 586
Last SQL error code: 2

S15209799 is the computer name.
In the UI the instance name is displayed as S15209799\SQLSERVERE

What went wrong?

Dinu E Anastasiu


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    Hi Dinu,

    For a non-default instance (in this case, the instance called "SQLSERVERE"), you need to append a "-I <instance name>" at the end... so your command would become:

    "c:\program files\red gate\sql backup\sqlservere\SQLBackupC.exe" -SQL "BACKUP DATABASE IRISmaster_new TO DISK = 'e:\temp\IRISmaster.sqb' WITH PASSWORD = '...'" -I SQLSERVERE

    Hope that helps,
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    Yes, it helped, thank you very much Jason.
    Dinu E Anastasiu
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