Create Table incorrectly specifies TEXTIMAGE_ON

GavinJohnsonGavinJohnson Posts: 6
edited March 31, 2008 7:16AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
This problem occurs when a table that had a Text column has it removed.
The issue, I believe, is caused because SQL Server 2005 does not cleanly remove all references to the lob_data_space when it is ceased to be used.

I'm guessing that the script engine uses sys.tables and this incorrectly leaves the lob_data_space_id set to 1 [PRIMARY] where it should be 0 after all text columns have been removed from the table.

I'd say this was a Microsoft issue, except their retort would be that the script of the table from Management studio successfully manages to not generate the erroneous TEXTIMAGE_ON clause. :?


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