SQLCompare multiple database and generate report

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We have around 8-10 different versions of database. I need to compare all 10 versions for update before we release. Right now, I created a batch file that copies pristine databases to a test folder and attaches pristine database of each version then run dbupdate[we created that uses SQL Toolkit] utility that uses snapshot file to update all the databases to the latest version. So far everything looks good.
Now, i want to create one more step to compare the updated databases with a pristine database created in the new version. The new database is created using a big script file.

My question is, how can i create batch file to do SQL Compare of all updated databases with pristine database and create a report which i can move to our internal webserver for others to look at.
This testing i do on a Dedicated Test PC but it does not have SQLCompare installed. We have SQLCompare installed on a different PC.

Please let me know how it can be accomplished or can I use SQLToolkit to do this if so, how?



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