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Dependency Tracker Doesn't Start

mike.hebertmike.hebert Posts: 7
edited August 2, 2007 11:48AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I've just purchased SQL Bundle Pro and SQL Doc Professional; everything works except SQL Dependency Tracker (different versions of which were included in each of the downloads).

I installed the version of Dependecy Tracker that was included in the SQL Bundle Pro (which was a later version) and was unable to run it (it would just quit after the splash screen was displayed).

I "downgraded" to the version that was included with SQL Doc Professional and it worked fine.

I assume that the problem was because of the two different serial numbers that I had to use for the products - how can I upgrade to the later version that came with SQL Bundle Pro?


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    Nigel MorseNigel Morse Posts: 164 Bronze 2
    The license should work just fine I think - or if it didn't then the worst should be a dialog asking for new license code.

    Do you not get an error after the splash screen disappears? It's possible this could be caused by a clash with some assemblies in the GAC - try the same suggestion mentioned here http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... php?t=4997 (i.e. remove the DevExpress assemblies from %systemroot%\assembly ) and see if that fixes it. (I suggest you copy them elsewhere in case it breaks something that needs them)

    If it doesn't then get back to us :)
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    Thanks, Nigel. That fixed the problem. Interestingly, there was no error message being displayed - the splash screen would just appear, then the application would exit.

    FYI: I noticed in the message you referenced that it was possible that ReSharper was using those assemblies. I'm using ReSharper 3.0, and it still appears to be functioning normally without those assemblies in the GAC.

    Thanks again!
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