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SQL Backup Error Log

phispherphispher Posts: 11
edited August 6, 2007 4:58PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi! I have SQL Backup 5 Professional edition installed on several prod servers here and have the jobs configued to email me a log when errors occur. However, it's quite painful to have to navigate the entire log to find that one error, since the log includes EVERYTHING! Is there a way or is at least possible to request in future release a way to have ONLY the errors sent to you. I can understand that some people might want to see everything, but for me, I just want to see the errors when they occur and nothing more. Or, at the least, format the log file so the errors are at the top and the successes are listed below so you can get to the meat of issues immediately. Having more options to configure when dealing with this would give us all the reporting we need for this tool to be even more powerful.

Jason Hunter


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    Hi Jason,

    We don't currently support changing the format of the log file however it might be worth while looking at reporting under the tools menu in the UI as this can give you access to summary information about failed and warning backups which occur across one or more servers.

    If this doesnt do what you want then let me know and I will log a feature request for future versions of the tool.


    James Moore
    Head of DBA Tools
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    I agree with Jason that is tedious to scan through the entire log file to find a single error, especially when reviewing those emails on my cell phone. Another solution may be to divide the log into sections of failures / success with the failures at the top.
    Benjamin Lotter
    DBA - M&I Bank
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    I guess I'm just looking for some convenience when it comes to the logs as I get them. It's nice to have notification via log file when errors occur, but it if were more finite in it's reporting, it would make it ever better. If it were configurable on some level, so you could decide what type of data you see (i.e. Failures, Successes, both, etc.) then it would allow us to choose what we saw. In my opinion, that could be very useful for us busy DBA's who don't have a lot of time to parse a log file all the way through looking for a single error.
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