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Command-Line Licensing Question for SQL Compare 6 Pro

david.sqlserverdavid.sqlserver Posts: 3
edited August 1, 2007 11:26AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I have a question about licensing. Here's an illustration of the question we have.

- We have about 50 SQL Server instances
- We have 3 DBAs managing these instances
- We are interested in using the command-line features of SQL Compare Pro (or a competitor - we are not a customer at this time) in order to automate rolling out scripts during maintenance windows in the evening.

I realize SQL Compare is licensed PER USER, but I am unclear how or if we need to license the servers. Because we would need to use the command-line features in the SQL Compare Pro edition and these scripts would be run, for example, as a local administrator on the server itself, do we need to license the servers as well?

Thanks in advance.



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