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Less prompting of autocomplete candidate lists

DavidHerbstDavidHerbst Posts: 13
edited July 27, 2007 7:06AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Can the prompting of autocomplete candidate lists be more discriminating or less aggressive like it was in 2.0? Or can this be made configurable?

E.g. in 3.5 when typing "FROM Person.ContactType ct" or “ON ct” I am prompted with an autocomplete list and have many times accidentally inserted the CreateTable snippet which overwrote the ”ct” table alias I was trying to type in. This was not a problem in 2.0.

E.g. in 3.5 when typing “FROM Person.CountryRegion cr” I have accidentally inserted the “CreditCard” table name which overwrote the ”cr” table alias I was trying to type in. This was not a problem in 2.0.

It doesn't seem so make sense to have a autocomplete candidate list at these points in a SQL statement. If this is controversial can you make 2.0 vs 3.5 behavior for this functionality configurable?
-- Example queries from the Microsoft SQL Server AdventureWorks sample database.

FROM Person.ContactType ct
	JOIN Contact c
		ON ct.ModifiedDate = c.ModifiedDate

FROM Person.CountryRegion cr


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    Hi David. I agree with you, this is not desirable. There are some snippets in this scenario which might be appropriate, e.g. lj for 'LEFT JOIN', but we will try make SQL Prompt not automatic in this scenario in future releases.

    The ways to configure this behavior are in the options dialog under: Pop-up behavior -> Triggering:
    - Perhaps increase the automatic triggering delay, say to 700ms from its default 300ms
    - Turn it to manual? This means you will have to use CTRL+SPACE to bring up the Candidate List
    - Remove some trigger words. SQL Prompt automatically pops-up after these words, e.g. FROM

    3.5 is more intelligent than 3.1, but there are probably still some scenarios, like the one you raised, where it can be tweaked. Thanks for your input!
    Jason Crease
    Red Gate Software
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