Unable to exclude tables from schema update

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I have a reference DB that contains a couple of tables that are used only for primary key management during database builds. These tables are not intended to be included in the DB instances that I upgrade using SQLPackager. I use the sqlpackager command line tool to build the upgrade scripts, but I can't seem to configure the /excludescheme and /includeschema arguments to exclude these tables.

I use an XML argument file for sqlpackager command-line tool. As for the ex/includeschema arguments, I've tried all of the following:

1. <excludeschema>Table:@PrimaryKey&lt;/excludeschema>

2. <excludeschema>Table:@PrimaryKey&lt;/excludeschema>

3. <excludeschema>Table:@.*</excludeschema>

4. <includeschema>Table</includeschema>

In every case, in the sqlpackager output, I see:
Object type Name                      DB1 DB2
Table       &#91;dbo&#93;.&#91;@LocalizationKey&#93;  &gt;&gt;
Table       &#91;dbo&#93;.&#91;@PrimaryKey&#93;       &gt;&gt;
Table       &#91;dbo&#93;.&#91;ActionItem&#93;        &gt;&gt;
Table       &#91;dbo&#93;.&#91;ActionItemComment&#93; &gt;&gt;

The first two lines items need to disappear. SQL code for creating these tables in the target DB is also included in the scripts produced by sqlpackager.

What do I do to exclude these tables from the package scripts?


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