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edited November 18, 2007 4:09PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
Would it possible to create ones own batch application with help of the SQL Doc API in order to automatic documentation of multi servers/instances?

Here I think in the lines of how the API for SQL Compare works.

The reason I would like to have only one compiled Microsoft HTML Help (.chm file) for a system that are located on more then one server.

I would like to be able to select on high object level (Database – Tables, Views Programmability and Security), what’s should in the .chm file.

I know that I could use the command line feature that’s comes with the Pro version, but is builds one file pr server and then merge the .chm files into one.
But it would be nice if I could use the SQL Doc API, since I now have the Pro version.


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    I'm afraid that there isn't a SQL Doc API that you can use, but it is possible to call a sequence of SQLdoc sessions by using a batch file calling the SQL Doc command line for each project.

    You have to set up each project file first using the GUI, setting a target directory for each project, with source databases, passwords etc. The batch file can then call a CHM publisher through a command line to write CHM files using each target directory as a source. Simple root level html code would have to be written to call the 'index.html' from each target directory so that a tree structure would be displayed - however that would only have to be created once

    The help file in SQL Doc under 'Using the Command Line' explains the command line syntax.
    Chris Buckingham
    Red-Gate support
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    You input works partly. I looks like if the SQL Doc Application has been open and the output style has been changed to an outer style it's the "new" style the output saves - no matter the project file state the OutputStyle should be :(
    I think that must be a bug or….
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    The output style option is an application-level option, rather than a project-level option. Do you require different output styles depending on your project? If so I will raise this as an enhancement request. I would be interested to know any reasons behind this, as this would add weight to the request.

    Best regards,

    David Atkinson
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
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    Redgate Software
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