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List of Failed Backup Jobs

freddy12345freddy12345 Posts: 19 Bronze 2
edited July 24, 2007 12:52PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

It seems that you removed the feature from V4 that showed failed backup jobs. This was a great convenience, to see all failed jobs from all servers, in one window.

Wondering why it was taken out, and if you have any plans to put it back in?

(or is it there and I've just missed it??)




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    The Outcome column in the Jobs tab shows whether the job failed or was successful the last time it was run. You can sort by this column to see all the failed jobs at the top of the grid, and it includes the date and time it was last run.

    Alternatively, you can create a report in version 5, to see the failed backups between 2 dates.

    Select Reporting from the Tools menu.
    If you only want to see the failed backups on any one server, then leave the Report scope set to Single Server. If you want to report on multiple databases, then you need to create a central reposititory database.

    Once you have selected to report on a Single or Multiple Servers, you select the Report type as Failed backups and click Generate Report. You can also specifiy the date range of the data used in the report.

    Hope that helps,

    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    freddy12345freddy12345 Posts: 19 Bronze 2
    Thanks for your response, Helen,

    yes i see the Outcome column and sorting by that is helpful.

    Still, it is not nearly as helpful as the prior feature, whereby all failed jobs, for all servers, were visible in one window, including the error messages. in one glance, i could see the whole story.

    creating a report 'by hand' with manually entered dates, is the least helpful of the 3, because i like to check for job errors several times a day.

    Your company makes great software. i respectfully suggest that usability testing (or, more of it), would be very productive with your software. i used to work at Human Factors International, the world leader in usability, and you might consider their input -- www.humanfactors.com

    thanks for listening!

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    We also miss the failed jobs screen. We currently sort the list but I'd love to see it all at one glance so I could easily check it many times a day.
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