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registering database

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited May 7, 2003 7:36AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

We've covered the possibilities that SQL DMO needed to be re-installed,
checked the database with DBCC, and did some queries to sysobjects looking
for these table objectIDs with no success.

Does anyone out there in DBA Land have any suggestions as to why SQL DMO
is being so naughty?

Brian Donahue
Red Gate Support...

"Don" <don_nguyen@scantron.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We've been using SQL Compare for quite some time. Lately, we've been
> this error:
> Error Loading database [SERVERNAME.DBName]
> Error Scripting Tables
> Error scripting Table [TableName]
> [SQL-DMO] The ID '13641986' was not found in the Tables collection.
> I tried to exlucde the table that causing the problem only to find another
> table causing the same problem.
> This is only happening on one server (the one I'm trying to compare to).
> Everything seems to check out fine on the database side. We've been
> getting this error for 3 weeks now and are unable to compare the
> databases. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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