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Just upgraded from Compare v5 to v6. Previous projects still available, so open existing project. The connection to a remote db fails. I get a fetching message in the database select drop down. I go back to v5 same project and connection opens OK with al databases available.

What is wrong??


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    It looks like you might have found a problem with our database connection logic in v6. I'll need a little more information to pin it down...

    Do you get any kind of error message from v6, or does it just wait at the Fetching... stage for longer than v5 takes to populate the database list?

    Have you tried making a new project in v6 to connect to the database in question? If this doesn't work, can you try referring to the remote server by IP address and see if this works?

    Are you using SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication?

    Is the remote server accessible via named pipes and TCP/IP, or just one or the other? Are there any firewalls in place requiring a different port to be used for TCP/IP?

    If you could send us the project file (to michelle.taylor@red-gate.com) as well, that might help.
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