Missing horizontal scroll bar

Sometimes when I compare two tables and get the lower grid of column comparisons open, there is no horizontal scroll bar, so if the varying columns are at the end of a list of, say 15 columns, I can't scroll over to see them. This does not always happen; am I doing something wrong?


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    Are all the columns that you can see part of your comparison key? If so, I'm afraid this is a known problem.

    The reason for this is that we always keep the comparison key columns visible while you scroll horizontally. Normally this is just one column (like an identity column), so it works as expected. However, if you've set up a custom comparison key to use many columns, you could find they take up all the width of the window, leaving you with no other columns visible.

    If you resize these columns to something a little smaller, you should find that you get the other columns becoming visible.

    (This behaviour is also something we're improving in Data Compare 6, so keep your eyes open for more news on that!)

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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