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Thanks...I had some inconsistancies in the results i recieved that is why i was hesitant in using multiple actors. (reply to previous post). I am verifying some of the behavior by capturing contnets of the web page...when i run multiple actors what happes to the logfile from each individual script...

More importantly....
How do I go about the second scenario....in case of benchmarking. I want the virtual users to go and finish the scenario once and not start again....is it possible???


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    Hi Danish,

    Are the user scripts 'self-contained'? I mean the users log in, do some things, and log out again?

    Also, what are you using for a ratio when you run multiple scripts? I'd assume giving them all a ratio of 1 would cause them to all run one after the other.

    What kinds of inconsistencies appear in the results?

  • Brian,

    First of all...yes...the script is self contained. Meaning 1st script: user logs in, performs action, logs out.

    But what I noted in the results was that same user was logging in again, and again...until the test duration expired. So my question was...can I run a test for a length of time and have multiple actors perform their task with 50 vir.users each (ration being 1:1) where no vir.user repeats the script once its finished. (simply put, I want to restrict each user to log in/out only once).

    I await your response.


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    Hi Danish,

    To get a script to run once and stop, you can try adding a static class outside the run method and set a property of the class to True once the script has run. Inside the Run method, you can check the value of the property in the static class and if it is true, set up a condition where nothing will happen in the Run() method.
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