Identical table name requirement

I'm new to this product, and this may be an oversight by me, but when I set up a comparison between two tables, it seems like I can only compare identically named tables; so they have to be on separate servers, or at least in separate databases. Is this really true, or is there a different way to select a table from just clicking the box between two identical names. In other words, can I compare a table named testData to a table named prodData in the save server and database?


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    Take a look at the "Remap Objects" tab in your project configuration. Here you can choose to map any pairs of tables together, as well as re-mapping columns within those tables.

    This does also mean that if you chose the same database on both sides of the comparison, you can choose to compare different tables within the database to each other!

    Hope that helps,
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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