SQL Data Compare LAN to DMZ

Hi I am trying to use SQL data compare to sinc up some DBs in our LAN with DBs in our DMZ. I can telnet just fine over port 1433 into the DMZ. However whenever I try to connect to the DB in the DMZ I get an error. Authentication error, or server doesnt exist. I am certain I am using the correct password. If I wtach the firewall (Cisco ASA 5000 series) I see the traffic trying to come back in over many many ports that are not open from the DMZ into the LAN. Does anyone have any feedback on how this should be setup. What ports to open inbound from the DMZ to the LAN to get this to work? Anything would be appriciated.




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    I actually got this working by specifying port 1433 in the Server field. For example,1433.
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    Thanks for posting that you managed to resolve this.

    It sounds like you were getting to the server using named pipes and by specifying the ip port you forced it to use ip.
    That way you used a direct connection that the firewall allowed.

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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