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Export a datasource to script folder

rickybibirickybibi Posts: 25 Bronze 2
edited July 5, 2007 6:52AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Why the "RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.Options.SeparateTriggers" doesn't working ?

Is there a way to force to generate triggers scripts to a separe folder and/or files than the tables ?



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    Hi rickybibi,

    That option is actually an internal one and should not being displayed in VS or the API help, hopefully we will tidy this up shortly. It was put in place to serve a possible future need, but will have no effect on the scripts produced as the engine will overide this setting.

    More grandural control of objects like indexes, triggers etc, is a very popular request, and one we are consider addressing.


    Jonathan Watts

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    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    In the meantime, if you manually seperate the table and the trigger into seperate script files, then SQL Compare will try and update the seperate script files instead of combinding the two objects again. Occasionally (e.g. if you change the name of the trigger) it will put the trigger back in with the table, but most operations preserve the structure you've set up with them in different scripts.
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