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When trying to run my package exe i get this error "Invalid object name...".
It seems lite SQL Packager does not handles dependencies correctly.

In this case it is a table function that is used in a view.
The script is trying to create the view before the function.

The "Include dependecies" option is checked.


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    Can you please post the full version number from SQL Packager's help_about menu item? I've seen a fix for a similar problem done between SQL Bundle 5.2 and 5.3. I noticed, however, that another user had reported it again but we were unable to get enough information to reproduce the problem.

  • Hi!

    I have been on summervaccation so i have not been able to answer this until now...

    My version on SQL Packager is
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    In SQL 2000, it's possible that the function can get renamed, and mess up the dependency chain because the names of the object in two different system tables do not match. To detect these functions, you could use the following query:
    SELECT  s.NAME, s.xtype, c.TEXT
    FROM    sysobjects s
    INNER JOIN syscomments c ON =
    WHERE   s.NAME <> SUBSTRING(c.TEXT, CHARINDEX(, c.TEXT), len( AND (s.xtype = 'FN' OR s.xtype = 'TF')
    If any results are found, you may want to script this function, then drop and recreate it. This will result in SQL that is consistent between syscomments and sysobjects.
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