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Problem with Compatibility Mode

Per HultqvistPer Hultqvist Posts: 6
edited July 3, 2007 6:07AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi, I am comparing two databases that both have Compatibility Mode 80 (SQL Server 2000) but still SQL Compare generates SQL that is not valid for SQL Server 2000, or so it seems.

I have a view, that I edit using 2005 tools and for some reason Management Studio always adds parantheses around the TOP argument:

SELECT TOP (1) LogDate FROM dbo.[Log]

SQL Server 2000 generates a syntax error when I run the script in ISQLW. If I remove the parenthese the script works...isn't SQL Compare supposed to handle this? I had the same problem in version 5 btw.


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    If you have a 'textual object' (i.e. an object for which SQL Server stores the actual text of the object as provided when it was created - e.g. views, stored procedures, functions) with 2005 syntax in it, SQL Compare doesn't change the contents of the object even when attempting to synchronize it to a different version of SQL Server.

    Whilst we could attempt to parse textual objects and work out what to change between versions, it would be a lot of work and we haven't yet had adequate demand for this feature to consider implementing it. I'll raise this as a feature request and note that it has been mentioned on the forums, but it is unlikely to be implemented unless more people mention it as a problem, due to the large amount of work it would entail.
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