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I didn't have this problem in SQL Compare 5. I am comparing two databases, and the foreign key order seems to be important.

On the left side, I see a foreign key, and it's being moved to the right, and the same exact foreign key already exists on the right further down.

This was never an issue for me in SQL Compare 5. Do we need an "ignore foreign key order" or something like that?

At this point I might need to drop back down to v5.
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    Thank you for your post.

    I am little confused by your question.

    Are viewing the differences between the two databases in the SQL Differences view in the Comparison Results?

    Or are you getting an error during the synchronization phase of your SQL Compare Project?

    SQL Compare obtains information about your database objects from the system tables. Although the SQL Differences may highlight the creation order as being different, the synchronization script generated should ignore these differences.

    There is not an option to "ignore foreign key order".

    In both SQL Compare V.5 and V.6 there is an option to "Ignore foreign keys" when comparing and synchronizing databases.

    Many Thanks

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