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Script folder only available in Pro edition

rgribblergribble Posts: 88
edited June 29, 2007 8:06AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Over the last few months while many of us were Beta testing SQL Compare 6 there was never a mention of the fact that in the final verison, the script folder source is only available in the Pro edition!

It feels like a bit of a slap in the face that this highly touted new functionality is only available in the Pro edition, which was previously distinguished by its automation via commandline features and not by highly publicised and in my opinion core functionality, like comparing/synching. The script folder feature is being talked up so much in marketting on the redgate website, blog posts etc, yet nowhere have i seen obvious attempts to mention that this new feature is only available in the Pro edition. It seems there is one small mention of it on the product page, but apart from that there is nothing.

Especially for all of your customers with existing maintenace contracts who never needed commandline automation it is pretty poor form to now slug us for more money to get us onto the pro version, by deciding to put a new feature like this into the Pro edition only.

To me, this seems similar to if say, the ability to use snapshots was a Pro edition feature only - an equallyu silly concept to my mind.

I guess my main beef was that this came with absolutely no warning to those of us who helped with the beta and tried so hard to help you guys make the script folder funcitonality useful for what your customers want to do with it


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    Thanks for your comments. You're right that we could have made it a lot clearer which features would be Pro features and what features would be in the Standard Edition.

    We are very appreciative of the feedback provided by many of our users during the Beta phase. Therefore we have decided for those Beta testers who posted five or more items of feedback to the forum, to upgrade their Standard license to a Pro license free of charge. If you feel that you fall into this category, please make yourself known to sales@red-gate.com.


    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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