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Installer error

cmcraecmcrae Posts: 7
edited July 17, 2007 2:04AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
When I run the SQLServerTools.exe to install the 6 upgrade, I get this error:

Failed to find embedded resource

This happens pretty much immediately after execution. Any ideas? I'd rather not activate on another machine if I can avoid it... I have installed on one other machine successfully (5-user license).
Cris McRae
Sr. Principal Consultant
S1 Corporation, Full Service Banking


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    Hi there,
    It sounds like there is a problem with the executable SQLServerTools.exe.
    I have just downloaded the application off the web site and it works fine for me.
    I would suspect that somehow it's got corrupted.
    The file should be
    29,561,576 bytes long
    Digitally signed by Red Gate
    Version of the file

    Can you see if the signature is OK? (go to windows explorer, locate the exe right click on it, select the digital Signatures tab and click the Details button. Another dialog should appear saying "This digital signature is OK."
    if this is not OK, please download the exe again and try.
    If it's OK then please do the following:-
    Start up WIndows Explorer and go to the following folder
    %TEMP%\Red Gate. Clear down the folder.
    Run SQLServerTools.exe. The error box appears. (do not click the button)
    Now look in windows explorer and you should see a new folder with a GUID
    eg for me I have just got
    C:\Temp Folder\Red Gate\{E797625A-C993-4D45-A405-D8C0926C98EC}
    please tell me what is in that folder.
    If any of the above steps fail (for example %TEMP% does not exist) then please tell me.
    Thanks in advance
    David Connell
    PS It may be quicker to email me directly david.connell at red-gate.com Thanks again
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    Sorry I forgot to post last week, but I wanted to thank you for the extremely quick resolution to my installer problems. Your support was 2nd to none as usual!
    Cris McRae
    Sr. Principal Consultant
    S1 Corporation, Full Service Banking
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