Superseded Bundle 5 artifact removal recommendations

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I have SQL Bundle 5 (SB5) installed and it continues to appear in the "Add or Remove Programs" list from the Control Panel - this is expected.

The "new" Installer that shows up with SQL Compare 6 leaves the superseded SB5 artifacts in the Start ==> All Programs List under "Red Gate SQL Bundle 5", and adds "Red Gate" to the list with icons for SQL Doc 1, SQL Compare 6 and SQL Data Compare 5 - the latter 2 icons remain under the "Red Gate SQL Bundle 5" node without version suffixes.

Obviously I'd like to keep a "clean machine" in terms of redundant icons and registry entries, so please provide recommendations or a cleanup script to get rid of superseded SB5 artifacts...

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  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    It's safe to uninstall 'Red Gate SQL Bundle 5' from add/remove programs control panel. The only things left behind would be some licensing information and any files you had created yourself or modified in the Red Gate\SQL Bundle 5 folder.
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    Thanks, Brian, I hoped that you'd say that... Almost did it before the post, but discretion being the better part of valour...

    Thanks for the excellent improvements to SQL Compare - bring on the Security Compare tool RG surveyed about ASAP PLEASE!!!
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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