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Is there any way to include a batch seperator between inserts into different tables?


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    That's a good question. Packager allows you to output the SQL and data scripts, so you can view them, or save them to disk. In the actual package output, though, they wouldn't have much meaning. The ADO .NET client that is going to run the script doesn't have a concept of batch separators (GO), as they're mainly to enhance the performance of SQL clients like Query Analyzer and Management Studio.

    If you could elaborate on your need to have these, we can certainly look into it.

  • We have our own installer that that uses the the scripts generated to populate the database data. Our installer chokes on the size on of this script (60 MB). If a batch seperator could be added after inserts to each table it would save us some time adding them in.
  • What you could do if you are using the API is generate the migration SQL for each individual table you want to package and put your batch separators in there, however you want to do it.

    You would however have to be very careful about disabling foreign keys - doing things in the right order and all the other lovely things SQL Data Compare does for you when you tell it to work on a whole database.

    If you're not using the API then there's no way of doing it (neatly anyway)
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