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I observed that SQL Server Workbench opens a lot of hidden windows with a class named "VBFloatingPalette" (you can see this using Spy++).
My main suspect is that SQL Prompt (or SQL Refactor, but it shouldn't have any reason to do that) opens up these windows to support the intellisense-like feature... The problem is these windows drain many USER and GDI objects, which are a limited resource in Windows, and if you open too many instances of SQL Server Workbench... bum, it ends GDI resources.

Can you confirm that these windows are created by SQL Prompt?
If yes, why there are so many hidden windows there?

Thank you

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  • Really sorry for the very late reply we have been very busy trying to get SQL Prompt 3.5 ready. The short answer is these windows have nothing to do with either SQL Prompt or SQL Refactor as I have uninstalled both and all the windows are still there.

    I have done a very very quick bit of prodding and they seem to be part of the object browser but I don't have any good ideas on what they do. SQL Prompt only uses one window for the intelisense on each editor window. This window will get reused within that session. Since we use Windows forms you can tell if a window is possibly part of prompt as the window class will start with WindowsForms. Not all windows forms windows are ours as visual studio uses some windows forms internally too.

    Hope that helps

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  • Lionel, thank you for the info - I will investigate further on this, my suspect was on SQL Prompt but I wrongly made this assumption.

  • No problem if you have any questions then do ask. I think I am wrong about them being part of the object explorer. Made a bad assumption :).

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