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Exclude Specific objects ie a single stored procedure

zaczac Posts: 8
edited June 21, 2007 8:00AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
This may be a really dim question but excuse me as i'm a noobie to SQL Compare,

I have a development and a live database.
On the live database i have an SQLCLR stored proc.
On the development database i have an equivalent stored proc named exactly the same thing but is a dummy in effect.

Of course SQL Compare spots that they are different and want to include them in a synchronise.

Is there any way of excluding specific objects.

I've just downloaded the trial for Quests Change Director. This has this feature which looked quite useful for me.
Note: Wont be buying Change Director, had a few funnies in the trial, it seemed to forget some exlude options i'd set earlier. Lost confidence so abandonned.

Please Help.


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    Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    Once you have compared your databases, Compare will display all of the objects in your databases in a grid. In the middle of each row (there is one row per object) will either be an equal sign (if Compare thinks the objects are equal) or a check box (if Compare thinks they are different). If you don't want to synchronize a particular object, uncheck its check box before synchronizing.
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